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Anthony Bourdain Dead at Sixty-One!

RIP to one cool dude. He will be missed.

The staff here had to take a minute before sitting down to write this brief story on a person most of us here truly admired.

The news came to a shock to everyone when this morning (June 8, 2018) CNN confirmed an announcement that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain had committed suicide at the age of 61.

Although Bourdain was a celebrity chef for years he rose to international fame in 2000, when he published his memoir Kitchen Confidential, a book which candidly detailed his struggles with drug abuse.

From there he made his way into America's home via hosting two very popular food related shows -- A Cook's Tour and No Reservations. Most recently Bourdain took us around the world in the super popular CNN show Parts Unknown.

Bourdain leaves behind two ex-wives and a 11-year-old daughter.


It’s all so fucking sad…