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Awesome Photos of Tattoo History in the United States

Almost everyone has a tattoo now, but it was so much more taboo to get inked one hundred years ago.

Your grandpa probably had some secret ink

It's incredibly commonplace to cover almost your entire body in tattoos these days, though you may get a few weird stares if you dare to get them on your face. Tattoos aren't the extreme body modification that they used to be in America, and it looks like we're about to reach half of all Americans having at least one tattoo. But it didn't used to be like that, and here's what it was like for past generations.

man getting tattooed vintage

Source: Instagram @akashayne

Source: Instagram @akashayne

Girl Stuff

While there were some women who got inked, as seen in sideshows, it was considered a man thing. But with the advent of motorcycle gangs after the great wars, more women got inked. However, you would often see property symbols like designer clothing labels tattooed on biker women.