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Awful Tattoos That Were Fixed With Masterful Ink Coverups

So, you're saying you can fix it?

There is still hope!

Most of us know a person with an awful tattoo, whether it's truly terrible because of artist's disastrous work or simply your own opinion about the ink. You can't deny that it's always an awkward situation when you happen across one because you don't want to insult the work incase the owner doesn't see the error, but holding back judgement is equally as hard. Unfortunately, due to bad decision making skills, there's plenty of screwed up, embarrassing, or just downright awful ink out there.

Thankfully, there are talented artists in the world that have the skills to take that regretful piece of skin and transform it into something to be proud of. Here are our favorite cover ups from the popular British tv show, Tattoo Fixers.

Chocolate biscuit tatoo

Source: Channel 4

Source: Channel 4