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Beyond the Ink: Alysha Nett Shoots Angela Mazzanti

Angela Mazzanti is a work of art, and we're not just talking about all of the ink on her body. She's a ten.

Isn't she a juicy peach?

Hello Inked fam!

I wanted to introduce you to Angela Mazzanti! This lady is one smart cookie. I learned that she moved to LA from Fresno after turning a bad situation into a triumphant one! She’s super smart, has great tattoos, and like medical marijuana. Now that’s a babe I can get behind!

Check out the interview below to learn more about her charitable prop 215 event, Compas Sesh, her role in the marijuana industry, and how she got started modeling. Don’t forget the gallery of smokin’ hot pics! We shot these photos in Los Angeles a month ago and now that summer has (technically) left us, I felt like these pool shots really let summer live on forever.

Until next time!

Alysha xo

alysha Nett shoots angela mazzanti

Credit: Inked Mag

Credit: Inked Mag

A True Winner

That settles it; we're absolutely in love with Angela Mazzanti. How do you feel about your latest lovely lady crush? Let us know if you want to see more of her in the comments and SHARE this story!