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Bite with Style - Teeth Tattoos

The New Trend in Dental Offices

Tattoos for some, are more than just an expression, it’s like an accessory. A piece of clothing or jewelry. And since there is clearly no limit for fashion, there’s no limit for tattoo placements either.

There was a time in trendsetting when Hip Hop glorified a mouth filled with gold and diamonds, also known as “Grillz.” Moving past that fashion statement, people thought of applying rhinestones to their teeth, since they couldn’t be pierced.

And nowadays, a new trend such as tattooing your teeth made mainstream waves into dental offices all over the country. But only one office in Utah specializes in “tattooing teeth.”

Steven Heward is the man you want to trust with your teeth, at least with the art you want on them.

Anything goes. You won’t stop smiling, with displaying this on your front choppers.


Photo via Steven Heward | Dental Lab