"Booty-Toos": The Best Bum Tats on the Net - Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models

"Booty-Toos": The Best Bum Tattoos on the Net


Hiney-High Art

Are you a big fan of that bountiful bundle of back-fat that gives us so much joy? Yep, us too!

Badonk-a-donk tattoos have a notoriously bad rap for being the "butt end of a joke". This reputation can be traced to its consistency of being the tail end of a lost bet, like it's something you wouldn't want to have! But those beautiful buns are a part of the body that most of us never see 'in the flesh', so why not go crazy with it? It's not juvenile, just admit it... butts can be really funny.

Just for you, we've put together this gallery of enough wild, wacky, and weird tattooty-booty pictures to fill a posterior party bus. Hopefully you can take away some ideas for something you might want to do or at least realize what you never want to do.

Credit: Instagram @parre_lowlife

Credit: Instagram @parre_lowlife

Credit: Instagram @parre_lowlife