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Boss Tattoo Shop Fails

Fails, pain, and WTFs

Sad or funny?

There are lots of things that can go wrong during a tattoo session. Not even to list all the gross stuff that goes on in nasty shops, but how about misspelled words, misplacement or even a simple hand jerk of the artist so they color outside of the lines?

Count yourself lucky if you've only had boss tattoos. But still revel in some schadenfreude with these tattoo shop fails, ending with one that no one saw coming.

bottom of foot tattoo fails

Source: Imgur @KateeEMS

Source: Imgur @KateeEMS

Beware of women


We've all had that knee-jerk reaction to a sensitive spot. But honestly, it looks like she did it on purpose.

Those Customers

We've all noticed that tattoo n00bz who want basic a** s*** like a butterfly on the ankle or a Chinese character. This video is all that annoying crap annoying people say about annoying tattoos.

But the video you gotta see is up next.

Faulty Towers

Source: Tattoo Shop Fail by ajdin on Rumble

I don't like to body shame. Tattoo shamming I could do all day, but this guy isn't all that big. I blame the artist and the shop for skimping on quality tables.

But what do I know? What do you think? Let us know and SHARE these fails.