Charmaine Glock: Super Babe

We got to talk with tattooed 'super babe' Charmaine Glock about her career and relations with Marshawn Lynch!

This Girl Is a Smoking Gun

If you haven't heard of Charmaine Glock, the Washington born Philipino-American smoke show, well... get ready to be blown away.

Charmaine has been modeling since 2010 and as you can tell by the photos below, she really lives up to her name. Her tattoos are just as stunning as her face and while the 27-year-old model has made a name for herself with her devilishly-good looks, she was thrown into the national spotlight for once being the rumored girlfriend of Super Bowl champ Marshawn Lynch. She cleared that up, claiming that her and 'beast mode' wound up "just being homies," but that makes us wonder how the heck the Seattle Seahawk running back could pass up a girl like this!

We reached out to Charmaine to talk about her career and her history with the football star. Oh, we also threw in a bounty of pictures showcasing her many... assets.

charmaine glock

Credit: Paul Myers Photography

Credit: Paul Myers Photography

What's Up With Marshawn?

When the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl against the Patriots after the 2014 season, Charmaine found herself in the middle of rumor allegations that she was dating Seattle's star running back Marshawn Lynch. She insists they are just friends:

"It's pretty embarrassing knowing those rumors are flying around. My mom called me asking me (in her Filipino accent), 'How you know Marshawn Lynch?' She blames me for Marshawn not wanting to talk to the media, but really he just doesn't like people asking him a lot of questions."

Guess That's a No...

No... the rumors weren't true about her and Marshawn, but I bet a lot of guys out there are pretty thankful she's not hitched up!

"One thing is for sure: we're not dating or having a baby!"