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Check Out New York City's New 'Underground' Artists

Simple And Cool; Fineline Tattoos And Blackwork Are On The Rise

Tattoo trends come and go, and as we know, tattoos have been around since ancient times (think Ötzi - yes, that old). And will never “go out of style.”
But since tattoos have gotten more abstract and advanced, new styles have become more popular over the years than others. Although, “American Traditional,” “Realism,” or even “Polka Trash” is still in demand.
2017, however, seems to be the year of simple designs and simple blackwork. Such as straight lines, dots, and circles or designs with just an outline. No shading or color. On the contrary, there's also a lot of "illustrative fine art" with just color and no line work, that became popular this year as well. However, this style is different than the "Watercolor" tattoos that were desired a few years back. 
New York City, the global melting pot of any scene, especially the art scene, has some incredibly talented tattoo artists who call Brooklyn and the Lower East Side their home. We did some digging to showcase a few of them here:


Photo by Alfonso Ramirez