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Craziest At Bat Warm Up on the Planet

It was frivolous to say the least...

Have Never Seen Anything Like It!

When you attend a professional sports game, there's a pretty high chance you'll see some spectacular moves on the field, court, or ring. No, we aren't talking about an incredible catch, or an amazing throw, or a game winning last point (although those are pretty cool too). No, we are talking about the moves player with pull whether it be a victory dance or a random superstitious moves that an athlete has to do before a certain maneuver.

The boy in this video has some interesting moves while getting warmed up for a game and has entertained millions of people around the world!

Baseball player jumping in the air

Source: YouTube/kenanasq

Source: YouTube/kenanasq

Check Out Those Moves!

Source: YouTube/kenanasq

Pretty crazy right? And how did you like that high school rendition of the famous Queen song? About as good as you expected we think. Let us know your thoughts on this video and be sure to SHARE this article!