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Dafuq?! Tattooed Eyeballs

Are these for real?


Corneal tattooing is one of the most intriguing forms of body modification there is. There is no skin on the eye, so even imagining the idea of tattooing it seems hard to fathom. But artists have found a way, and the tattooed eyeballs in this gallery are sure to impress. Sometimes the look is very subtle and sexy, other times it is dark and almost alien. Prepare to be amazed by this gallery of tattooed eyeballs.

tattooed eyeballs guy with purple eyes

Source: Instagram @moddedpunk

Source: Instagram @moddedpunk


This duder looks like a sci-fi creature with his all black eyes. He certainly turns heads. And he ain't bad looking either!

Baby Blue

Hello, sailor! You don't need a totally blue eye to get our attention!

One Shot, One Kill

Not everyone is a fan of face tattoos, but this young man can really pull them off. He looks sultry with his tattooed eyeballs.


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