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Delicate Dot Work. Powerful Tattoos! — Oshin Ink

Balance and Strength in Ink!

As we all know there are different styles when it comes to tattooing — traditional, realism, tribal, watercolor, etc., and all tattoos project strength regardless of how delicate the work or subdued the imagery. I guess that comes from the process. Anyone who is willing to endure the pain of getting a tattoo there is an immediate strength infused into the tattoo.

That’s what we find so fascinating about the amazing work of Сергей Тимошин or more commonly known as oshin_ink. Oshin tattoos in the style referred to as dot work and despite the “lightness”, subtlety and delicate nature of the lines, each and every tattoo packs strength and power.

As your stroll through the following images of Oshin’s tattoos you will notice a sense of calm as you experience a perfect balance of strength and humility in each tattoo.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.30.45 PM

 Photo via Oshin Ink