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Dry Healing vs. Wrap Healing Your New Tattoo: Which is Right for You?

Which one is right for you?

Which one is right for you?

Opinions are like art… different strokes for different folks. But some opinions are a serious matter, like when it’s time to heal your newest tattoo. Whose opinion do you listen to? (Pick one.)

1. Your friend who once had a guy tell him that his friend’s girlfriend used a cocoa butter and lube mixture, wrapping on alternate days, for ten weeks.

2. Whatever Siri says, as long as it agrees with Ask Google.

3. That hot chick who foamed your latte and looks like she’d be worth getting to know, who may or may not have ink. (You’ll know once you get to her place.)

4. Your tattoo artist.

If only high school finals had been this easy.

Here’s the rub, so to speak: Even tattoo artists have differing opinions about dry healing vs. wrap healing. So let’s review the basics of how your latest wearable art can be healed. Then, we’ll talk about how to choose the best method for you....

fresh tattoo covered in plastic wrap

Source: Instagram @peter7g7nl

Source: Instagram @peter7g7nl