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Eye Spy: Eyelid Piercings

People get surprising piercings all the time, but these eyelid piercings are out of this world.


First people started getting their eyebrows pierced, then they started getting the bridge of their nose pierced, now they're piercing their eyelids?? I guess you can't pierce your eye so maybe this is as far as it goes. It seems like the newest trend is going below the eyebrow and going straight to the eyelid. This gallery will show you everything you need to see when it comes to the new trend.

Eyelid piercing weird gross strange ws

Source: Instagram @alsclothesaccessoriespiercings

Source: Instagram @alsclothesaccessoriespiercings

Out of the box

What would you describe someone with this piercing as? Outgoing?

Risk vs Reward

Is it worth it?

Good idea?

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