Five Things To Follow When Getting An Oral Tattoo


Like How To Take Care of Them

The evolution of tattoos - and its placement - is an ongoing thing. Nothing seems to be safe from the tattoo needle. Not even the gums. Yes, you read correctly - gum tattoos are a thing. In Africa, this cultural ritual is what botox is to us in the western world, women would get their gums tattooed black to have a prettier smile and therefore higher chances to find a husband. In western cultures, hidden tattoos became popular and maybe have risen to popularity out of boredom.

However, they do look cool if done right. But you want to follow a few precaution when you consider to get a tattoo in your mouth. Here are five crucial steps you should definitely follow to make sure your tattoo heals properly, but also what to do before you get one.


Photo via Tattoo Ideas