Florida Woman Gets Busted Giving Oral in Court After Posting Vid to Twitter

She was trying to get out of trouble, but found herself in a lot more...

Meanwhile, In Florida...

Turns out some people will do just about anything to try and get out of trouble. A 26-year-old Jacksonville woman recently tried to give a 'blowey' to a man she claims was her boyfriend, while sitting on a bench inside the Duval County Courthouse... right outside the courtroom.

It gets dumber, she ended up in way more trouble than she was already in when she posted the video of her going down on him onto her Twitter page.

Brittney Jones was already scheduled to appear in court that day for drug-related charges, but her social media suck-off landed her jail time for "performing an unnatural and lascivious act". According to her tweet that she posted with the video, she was actually bragging that she "just found a way to get out of trouble."

How could she seriously think this was going to work? Read on for more details of what might be the dumbest amateur porno ever made.

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Credit: Rob Wilson/Shutterstock

Credit: Rob Wilson/Shutterstock