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FML: People Whose Days Were Horribly Ruined

It only takes one second to have your day ruined.

Day Ruined in 3,2,1...

Sometimes something so horrible happens that it doesn’t matter how well the other 23 hours and 59 minutes of the day may go, in one second everything can change. You might be having the best day of your life when out of nowhere... BAM! Day ruined.

We’ve collected some pictures that capture that moment happening to some poor, unfortunate souls. It's hard not to laugh, because you're so incredibly thankful that it's not happening to you. While you’re laughing at this gallery please try to have a shred of empathy. You know, because Karma.

Enjoy these hilarious pictures of people having really, really bad days.

coffin falls out of car

Source: Imgur @shittydroll

Source: Imgur @shittydroll