Heartless Man Buries Dog Alive. The Outcome is Heartbreaking!


What kind of person does this?

When you think you’ve heard it all, when it comes to a human exhibiting cruel and heartless behavior toward an animal, some complete douche bag like this piece of excrement from Massachusetts crawls out from his cave and does this despicable act to his ex’s dog!

Twenty-four-year old Richard Piquard, of Whitinsville, Massachusetts was reportedly arrested on Sunday after he allegedly buried an 18-year-old dog alive because he said it didn’t get along with his cat.

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According to Northbridge Police Chief Walter Warchol who told the Telegram & Gazette that Piquard buried "Chico," a Shih Tzu dog, behind his home while he was still alive.

"Even in my 41 years here, I've never seen anything like it," Warchol said. "We've seen other forms of animal cruelty. Burying something alive is a little beyond the reach."

Kaylee Belanger, the woman who found Chico buried alive, wrote on Facebook that Piquard texted her on Sunday around 11 a.m. that the dog "passed away last night." Belanger said that just a day prior, Piquard was showing off his new kitten to her.


Belanger says that when she found poor found Chico buried alive in dirt and underneath a rock, "He yelped in pain, dirt in every part of him," Belanger wrote. "He felt flat like a pancake from the rock weighing him down the hole."

Police told the newspaper, that the dog was rushed to a veterinary hospital, where they could not save him and he had to be euthanized,


Piquard was is charged with one count of animal cruelty and has been released on $1,000 bail.