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How OCD Can Affect Your Ink

YouTuber Shares Her Struggle With Dermatillomania

While plenty of people have discussed the relationship between depression and tattooing, what about OCD? Obsessive-Compulsive disorder is a mental illness that affects thousands of people world wide and involved habitual/repeated behavior. There are many forms or variations of OCD, although in many cases the media paints all individuals with the disorders in the same light. One of the most common compulsions of OCD involves skin picking, known professionally as dermatillomania. People with dermatillomania can feel the compulsion to pick healthy skin, as well as skin with irregularities, lesions or scabs. And something like tattooing, which involves a process where the skin becomes heavily scabbed, can present incredible difficulties to someone who experiences OCD. One tattoo collector and YouTuber shared their experience with dermatillomania in the gallery below, check out her story.


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