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INKED EXCLUSIVE - 15 Craziest Hand Tattoos

Palm and Hand Tattoos

Hands are a beautiful thing. Probably the most beautiful body part. Especially when they're well-groomed. Women love the touch of big, clean hands, and men wouldn't say no to the touch of a woman either. But what would make this experience even more sensual? Are tattooed hands.

Since society became more liberal when it comes to the acceptance of tattoos, hand tattoos became more popular than ever. It shows strength and tolerance but besides that, there's something really sexy about it.

Where at first people only tried to push boundaries with the top of their hands, it quickly moved towards the palms, in-between fingers, and the knuckles. Anything is possible, from bright traditional to stick-and-poke to black and grey realism.

We picked 15 crazy-well executed hand and palm tattoos.


Photo via Pinterest