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Kristen Bell's Hidden Tattoos?

Has Kristen Bell been hiding the fact that she's absolutely COVERED from head to toe in tattoos? Watch this video where the actress comes clean.

What's She Hiding?

Perhaps we were wrong in pegging Kristen Bell as a squeaky-clean screen queen and the Frozen starlet isn't as wholesome as we thought...

But in this video, Kristen comes clean about her long-time obsession with tattoos and gives an inside look the army of make-up artists that labor over covering them up. With hidden ink from head to toe, that's a lot of work! Her favorites include her Stitches-esque face tat that goes from cheek to cheek and her deeply symbolic tribute to the band Ween....

Alright, so the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star doesn't actually have any tattoos, but that doesn't stop this video made by Funny or Die from making us wish it were true!

Click below to check it out!

Kristen Bell tats

Source: Funny or Die

Source: Funny or Die

Bell's Hidden Ink

Kristen Bell's Body of Lies from Kristen Bell

If only this was real! Then maybe Bell could break away from her 'good-girl' persona and score a role in a biker movie or play a drug kingpin or even a member of the MS-13 gang!

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