Little Women ATL: Ms. Juicy Can't Handle Tattoos

Little Women ATL's Ms. Juicy almost wets herself in this video of her FLIPPING OUT while getting a tattoo!

The Needle Makes Her Near Wet Herself on Video!

If you're not familiar with Little Women ATL, you're missing out on Lifetime's bafflingly popular reality show that follows "real life" little women in Atlanta. One of the show's most popular stars is motor-mouthed Shirlene Pearson, AKA 'Ms. Juicy Baby'.

In a video just released on TMZ we see raw footage of Ms. Juicy going in for a tattoo at ATL's Black Ink Crew parlor and absolutely losing her sh** after the needle goes down. If you've always been curious as to what a four-foot woman looks like when she's about to pee her pants in pain, watch the video on the next page!

Source: TMZ

Source: TMZ

Source: TMZ

Watch Her Freak Out!

While the acting may not be Oscar-worthy in the Little Women reality program, one thing is for certain- Ms. Juicy is probably my favorite thing to hate about the show!

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