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Man Gets the Surprise of His Life After Sticking His Finger in a Hole

One Imgur user decided to become a true hero after being dared to put his finger into a spooky-looking hole, but it may have been his biggest mistake.

I wouldn't do that if I were you...

When you see a small hole in the Earth, what do you do? Do you pass it by without a care? Do you ponder what might be inside? Or do you immediately jab your vulnerable body parts into it trying to see what's living in there? Well, one guy couldn't pass it up, he pondered what was in it, then he took to the internet to decide whether or not he should stick his finger inside. Here's what ended up happening...

man about to stick finger in ground hole

Source: Imgur @PoopstacheMcfartnugget

Source: Imgur @PoopstacheMcfartnugget

The End Result


He said, "I literally threw up in my mouth from fear!" But he was alright in the end of his stunt. Most users said that he was lucky for nothing to occur while others told him to stick another of his body parts in it.

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