Man Poops on Another Driver in Road Rage Attack!


A Really Crappy Driver!

We are all pretty familiar with road rage, and most of us have experienced the phenomenon from both ends, being the abuser and the abusee. We are also all pretty familiar with the standard road rage means of expression, cursing, waving of the arms, flipping the bird, tail gaiting, flashing headlights, etc.

Well, Henry George Weaver, of New Tripoli, faces a harassment charge after he allegedly, well, we willed the report from the Pennsylvania State Police explain what happened.

At approximately 8:45 p.m. on Friday, June 7, 2018 at the intersection of routes 309 and 100 in Heidelberg Township, an altercation, between Henry George Weaver and unidentified driver of another vehicle occurred.

"The accused (Henry George Weaver) and the victim got into a road rage argument, leading the accused to defecate on the victim.”

The key word there is “on”. Mr. Weaver did take a crap in the street and hurl his feces at the victim like an angry monkey might do, but rather actually found an opportunity during the fracas to actually defecate onto the victim’s body.

We will be watching this story closely and report back to you with any new details!