Man Serves Amputated Foot as Taco Meat to “Friends”!


This taco smells funny!

Believe it or not there is only one state in the Union that has a federal law against eating human flesh (Idaho). Granted there are laws against murder, buying and selling human meat, and corpse desecration which does make cannibalism are dinner event to organize, but technically legal in the other 49 states. And since IncrediblyShinyShart was eating his own flesh many say the act was ethical cannibalism. I know what you’re saying, “What about his friends, right?” Well, now that it’s all out on the table (pun intended) see how a Reddit user that goes by the name IncredibleShinyShart came to have his leg cut off and then serve the limb meat to his friends in a taco! Vice magazine had a sit down (not over a meal) with the 38-year-old to get the facts. Here are a few “juicy” excerpts.

Images courtesy IncrediblyShinyShart