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Medical Facial Prosthetics! Faces Destroyed and Saved! Amazing Before and After Pics! VIDEO!

Incredibly Life Like Prosthetics!

Traumatic injury to a person’s face or the ravages of an insidious disease like cancer wreaking havoc within the skull and the tissue of someone’s face is a terribly traumatic experience. And many times, the “cure’ for the illness or damage leaves a person horribly disfigured. Some people actually have large gaping holes that are openings that allow someone to see right inside their nasal cavities, eye sockets and skull!

Thankfully there are companies devoted to restoring some dignity to these people and allowing them to go back out in public and not feel ashamed or intimidated. These companies manufacturing amazing life-like prosthetics that when applied virtually rebuild the face.

Although not a new idea, it actually became popular during the civil war when soldiers returned home alive, but with half their face blow away. Back then artisans constructed prosthetics out of tin and hand painted the metal to match the patient’s skin tone.

One of today’s leaders in facial prosthetics is a company out of Little Rock, Arkansas called

Here is a video we put together of some of their work.


The Video!