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This Mexican Weather Woman Is a Year-Round Heatwave

Yanet Garcia is Mexico's most beautiful weather woman and lucky for us, she's now giving baking classes in short shorts...

The World's Most Caliente Newscaster

Gone are the days of old, balding white dudes reporting the weather with corny jokes and stupid neckties. Now there is Yanet Garcia.

The 25-year-old smoke show is destroying the internet with her massive knowledge of meteorology and fitness tips. It doesn't hurt her ratings that she's got the look of a supermodel either.

Read on by clicking below and meet the spiciest thing to come out of Mexico since Cholula hot sauce.

yanet garcia close up[3]

Source: Instagram @iamyanetgarcia

Source: Instagram @iamyanetgarcia

Brownie Time!

That is a recipe that I'll certainly be trying at home!

They seem to have struck gold at whatever Mexican news station she works for because she's probably doing wonders for their nightly ratings!

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