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These Are the Most Insane and Stupid Motives for Murder

When mental illnesses go untreated, it can lead to deadly consequences.

Beyond rational thinking

Is there ever really a solid reason for murder? Maybe self-defense. And maybe if it was Hitler. But having your wife cheat on you is grounds for divorce, not ending her life. Someone cut you off in traffic? Not worth it, bro.

While we know that at times the human mind snaps and rational thinking takes a back seat, some of these killers seemed to have mental illnesses that made their trains of thought off-kilter. We're talking Nazis, celeb obsessions, and more.

Credit: Frenzel/Shutterstock

Credit: Frenzel/Shutterstock

Credit: Frenzel/Shutterstock

Curtis Reeves

In 2014, the 71-year-old retired Tampa police officer and his wife were at a movie theatre. They asked the couple in front of them to stop texting. A fight followed, and Reeves reportedly pulled out a handgun and shot the two people in front him. Both victims were rushed to the hospital, where the husband soon died. He had been texting his 3-year-old daughter.

Silent but Deadly

In Ohio in 2012, 16-year-old Shaakira Dorsey was with a group of her girl friends when one of them farted. Of course like most teens, Dorsey starting teasing the young girl.

No one likes to be teased, but this girl went off the deep-end and started attacking Dorsey, beating her to death.

Jenelle and Marvin Potter

In 2012, Billy Payne Jr. and his girlfriend Billie Jean Hayworth unfriended Jenelle Potter on Facebook. Jenelle was upset, but for some reason it really offended her father. He was so worked up over the slight that he and Jamie Lynn Curd murdered Payne and Hayworth, leaving their infant child covered in blood.