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Tire Blows During Take-off

We have been notified that Post Malone left Teterboro airport minutes ago only to discover that the landing gear of his plane has had two tires blow out just after take off! Malone and his team are on a private jet that was heading for London, but now has to return.

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Teterboro law enforcement told sources that "...the private plane's tires blew off during takeoff and the pilot circled back around to perform an emergency landing."

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In air traffic audio the pilot makes it clear that they've lost at least one tire, and asks for permission to circle above. he also stats there are presently 16 people on board

Our source says air traffic control then informed the pilot to continue flight to Massachusetts in order to burn more fuel for a safer possible crash landing. We're told the plane had 3,700 gallons of fuel to burn.