Princess Leia Naked! Welcome to The Empire STRIPS Back!


Obi-Wan KeNudie!

What does Luke Skywalker, Nicki Minaj, a dominatrix Darth Vader and AC/DC’s Highway to Hell all have in common? Wait, there’s more. Not only is Luke Skywalker twerking to Nicki Minaj, but then SHE begins to strip off her clothes! Welcome, to the Empire Strips Back! Hitting the Sydney, Australian stages since 2011, the Empire Strips Back started off as a small, underground performance that quickly grew via word-of-mouth.
The show was created by Rissal S. Beattie as what was originally going to be a three-night limited run. Well, now after performing too more than 50,000 people, The Empire Strips Back is headed for the shores of America!
How do they get away with the legal ramifications of using a Star Wars themed costumes, etc. Well, that because Australia, England and the United States have pretty liberal laws when it comes to “parody”, and luckily The Empire Strips Back falls under that category.
So get ready America for the sexiest Star Wars you’ve ever seen!