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Russian Tattoo Artists DGAF - They Tattoo Cats Over There

A Russian tattoo artist is making headlines from his elaborate "cat tats"... That's right, he's tattooing his cat... WTF!

C'mon Russia!

We've all known Russia gets pretty hardcore, but tattooing cats? C'mon guys!

One Russian tattoo artist who goes by the name of Aleksandr (just Aleksandr), has been making international headlines after giving his hairless sphinx kitty not one, but FOUR tattoos. Including one portrait down the cat's side of a noirish dame surrounded by cards, vodka and cigaretts... I don't know if I've ever heard of anything more Russian than that!

tattoo gun

Credit: hurricanehanke/Shutterstock

Credit: hurricanehanke/Shutterstock


It seems like he's pretty good with a needle, but we strongly believe this Russian dude doesn't deserve to use one after doing this to his poor cat!

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