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She Was Tired of Her Boss Asking for Sexual Favors So She Did This

When her supervisor got a little bit too creepy, 21-year-old Makana had something up her sleeve.

What was he thinking?

Makana Milho, a 21-year-old from Hawaii got into a little bit of trouble at a clothing store that she was shopping in. The punishment fit the crime, and she was doing her punishment when her supervisor had other plans. He thought he was going to get away with it, and he'd ask for some favors and it would be a simple yes or no. Unfortunately for the supervisor, Makana had something up her sleeve.

Makana Milho hawaiian girl transgender woman assault

Source: Facebook @ Makana Milho

Source: Facebook @ Makana Milho


Unfortunately for him, Makana got the whole thing on video. She recorded the incident and you can hear her asking "If I don't do sexual stuff I'll have to stay until 1 o'clock?" I'm kind of uncomfortable." When the video was still up it had over 200,000 views, so people knew what was going on.