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Simply Beautiful Work by Frank Carrilho!

A mix of styles to create a masterpiece.

Frank Carrilho is a Brazilian born tattoo artist that now spreads his amazing art at “Queen of Hearts Tattoos” — in Lisbon, Portugal. Compared to other top-notch artists like Turkey’s Bicem Sinik and LA’s Dr. Woo Brazilian, Carrilho’s employs his geometric style, use of straight lines, stippling and sketch book technique to create simple, yet highly detailed masterpieces.

Carrilho is no overnight success and paid his dues by working his way up the ranks as an apprentice from 2008 thru 2011 back in Rio De Janeiro. In 2012 he made the leap and opened his own shop, but if you want work done by Frank these days (and you should), reach out to him at “Queen of Hearts Tattoo” in Lisbon.


Frank Carrilho