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Tattoo Cover-Ups for a Good Cause

Not all tattoos are about art. Some artists are selflessly helping people find pride and trauma by covering up the scars from their past.

They're taking away the pain with a little pain

No one on Earth gets to make it out alive, and we all get scarred along the way. Some people only receive small scratches while others become disfigured due to the traumatic events they've been through. While your scar may not be able to be taken away, there are some brave, innovative tattoo artists out there willing to cover it up with their own special style.

open heart surgery scar tattoo

Source: Instagram @tinalouisetattoos

Source: Instagram @tinalouisetattoos

Yevgeniya Zakhar

Russian artist Yevgeniya Zakhar has been offering domestic violence survivors free tattoos to cover their scars, saying, "I didn't expect to be inundated with clients. I had to work on two to four women per day. It's really scary to see the extent of this problem and hear what people are saying."