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Terrible Tattoo Trends of the 90s!

Move over Taz, make room for tribal!

Oh, the 90s. Sure we got rid of neon jazzercising clothes and hair bands that were all over the 80s, but it did usher in a decade of questionable music and very questionable tattoo trends.

Now, the tattoos we are about to showcase here are by no means a know k on the tattoo artist who inked them. He more than likely was just following the trendy tastes of his customer. Although he could be found guilty of withholding good advice, which is punishable with his name being permanently linked to the tacky tattoo in question.

Now, if you happen to be sporting one of these 90s style ink faux pas, again we are the last to pass judgement, especially since my first tattoo was a band of thorns around my right bicep.


The Video!