The Agony of Disappearing Nipples!


That Has Got to Hurt!

The debate of where is the most painful spot on the body to get a tattoo has raged on for years and will most probably continue to be a hot bed of discussion and dispute for years to come. In this feature we are not here to continue this debate, but rather to present to you some amazing examples of tattoos that are laid down on what we will all agree upon is undoubtedly ONE of the MOST painful places to get inked up — the NIPPLE!

We will admit that a great chest piece interrupted by the un-inked skin of a nipple does in many instances interrupt the flow of the piece and sometimes make the tattoo less impressive.

Well, these brave souls have bit their lips and had their tattoo artist run those needles right over that sensitive flesh all in the name of body art!

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.27.13 PM

Photo via instagram

Nipple Work From the Tat Above!

Oh, That's Rough Stuff!

Dude's Holding It Together