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The Man with the Dragon Tattoo! Can you solve this mystery?

Saved from a Watery Grave!

On July 26, at around 7:20 PM the London Ambulance Service was alerted about a man floating in the Thames River. He was rescued from the river by the RNLI with the help of passers-by and airlifted to hospital. Later that night the London police announced that they retrieved the body of an unconscious man from the Thames River.

The man is holding on, but he has been unconscious since they pulled him from the potential watery grave. He appears to be around 30-years-old, and was wearing a camouflage T-shirt with "Now or never, no regrets, past/present/future" written on it. However, the man was not carrying any identification, or perhaps the current stripped him of his id.

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At the moment foul play has been ruled out by the still are at a loss as to the man’s identification. The Metropolitan Police said: "He was not carrying any identification and due to his poor state of health police are keen to trace his family as soon as possible."

Police launched their own campaign to in an appeal to help finding the friends and family of a man with a dragon-like tattoo.

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Scotland Yard added: "He has two distinctive tattoos on his left hand and one on his lower right leg that are faded black in color."

The tattoo on the leg appears to be "tribal", while the one on his hand resembles a dragon.

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Detective Sergeant Samantha Batchelor said: "We have exhausted all our lines of enquiry to identify this man and we are hoping with the release of his image a friend or family member will be able to come forward to tell us who he is."