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The Most Painful Piercing Video

A lot of the time the pain from a piercing can be all in your head. This overthinking can sometimes cause some pretty strange reactions. Wait until you see this one!

Didn't see that coming!

Getting your first piercing can be one of the scariest moments that you'll probably deal with; Especially if you're pretty young at the time. Just the thought of putting something through your body might get you a little uneasy. There's no doubt that some people have had straight up awful experiences when they get something pierced, and this video is definitely an example of one of those times.

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Source: Instagram @buttonnoseblues

Source: Instagram @buttonnoseblues

Stone Cold

Things can turn out in different ways. You can be super afraid and freak out, or you can be like this young girl and be super afraid, but take it like a champ and not even flinch!


When it comes to reactions, this one might be the absolute best. Even though the girl getting pierced was the one who was afraid, she wasn't really the one in danger.

The guy doing the piercing definitely didn't see this one coming!

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