The Rock Reveals The Meaning Behind His Tattoos



Back in 2003 Dwayne Johnson traveled to Hawaii with a goal – to fulfill a burning desire to fulfill an ancient Samoan tradition -- to have his family history tattooed on his body with authentic tribal symbols by the famous Tahitian tattoo artist Po’oino Yrondi.

The left sleeve that we are concentrating on here is basically broken down into ten separate sections, with each section of the intricate and interwoven tribal piece telling its own special tale of Dwayne’s life and family history.

In an earlier interview, Dwayne summed up the meaning of his tattoos like this: “family, protecting his family and having an aggressive warrior spirit”. Based on the moral character that Dwayne has shown in his personal life and the courage he has shown both on and off screen, the tattoos that grace that massive left bicep are true representation of the man and his beliefs.

Photo via Wallpaper