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The Science Of Death— What Happens To Us When The Light Turns Off Forever?


Although your heart stopped, the body doesn’t stop working quite yet.

We are all familiar with the HBO original “Six Feet Under,” where the main topic is dead in all its glory. And where the morbid curiosity seekers among us have thought about what would actually happen to our bodies physically when we bite the dust, others among us try to avoid this topic like marriage.

However, what’s for certain and promised to all of us is the reaper knocking on our door eventually. But what’s going to happen after we close our eyes? Will we know we are dead?

It sure is a skin-crawling topic, but in all reality, science is so fascinating. And death can tell us so much about the person. And who doesn’t want to know the slow decomposing process of the body? Which, according to, happens four minutes after death occurs. 


Image via Travel