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Things You Should NEVER Say or Do in a Tattoo Shop

Don't be a d-bag to your artists.


Experienced people with tattoos know there are certain do's and don'ts inside a tattoo parlor. You can go in and peruse portfolios and ask questions to the front desk, but the ancient art of ink has a certain etiquette to follow.

Even if you've been tatted before, maybe you can learn some things that make you less of a d-bag. Or at least laugh at the people who've actually said and done these faux pas.

pretty girl getting tattooed by handsome artist

Credit: Nejron Photo/Shutterstock

Credit: Nejron Photo/Shutterstock


Come in clean.

Your tattoo artist is gonna be up close and on you. The least you can do is shower, put on deo, etc. Imagine if you had to be all up on a hippie for hours at a time.

Being Poor

Trying to haggle the price.

Cost too high? Don't get it. Don't even go to another parlor because the quality will be crap. Save up your money. I set aside x amount of dollars every pay check and save up for my big pieces.