This Burger is Definitely Not for an Arachnophobic!


Time for Your Tarantula

During the month of April, Bull City Burger and Brewery hosts the Tarantula Challenge, to test the most daring of taste buds. If you are interested and up to the task, you needed to visit the restaurant in person and sign up for the Tarantula Raffle. Then you were given a raffle ticket to keep and the restaurant recorded your name and phone number.

​Beginning on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, and then every day while supplies lasted, they drew names and posted the winning number on Facebook, Twitter, and their website. If your raffle number is drawn, you had 2 days to call the restaurant (919) 680-2333 and speak with a manager. You and the manager would arrange a date within 7 days of calling promising that you would return to the restaurant to purchase the exclusive Tarantula Burger (pasture-raised NC beef burger, oven-roasted tarantula, and spicy chili sauce) with Dirty Fries for $30.