Vagina Smuggle Gone Bad: Wisconsin Woman Charged for 82 Grams Of Drugs


Police Was Not Surprised

People do strange things when it comes to smuggling drugs. We are all familiar with the swallowing of condoms filled with drugs, to then poop them out again once out of border control. However, this Wisconsin woman, did it another way and hid about 82 grams of drugs in her vagina, and is now facing felony charges for smuggling, The Smoking Gun reported.

How? You ask? In a plastic bag. That simple.

Since the vagina is a long tube-like organ, things can be put in there pretty deep. Anyone who lost a tampon in there once knows the deal. But finding drugs in someone's private parts is not that unusual. The police must have thought the same. Or were they only surprised by the variety of drugs found in this woman's fly trap?