Meet Nicole Angemi!

Nicole Angemi definitely doesn’t look like your typical pathologist’s assistant. However, we will admit that we’re not sure what a “typical” PA looks like, however we’re are pretty certain that a person who spends their days in a morgue; elbow deep in blood, brain matter, gall bladders and ruptured spleens is usually not beautiful, female and heavily tattooed — well, this time we are wrong — meet Nicole Angemi, Pathologist’s Assistant.

Nicole is a well known collector of the macabre with an extensive collection that includes cancerous wet specimens, gall stones, brain slices, placentas (her children’s’), human bones, a rare double uterus, a giant ovary, taxidermy, framed IUD’s and much more.

Today we are going to focus on Nicole’s instagram account. With over one million followers on her instagram account, Nicole has become a definite influencer when it comes to instagram celebs focusing on the darker side of science with a focus on education and “gross anatomy”!

As you may have suspected, some people have an “issue” with many of the images that pop up on Nicole’s feed, and that is something we suggest you come to terms with via your own research and judgment. We are big fans of the work Nicole does and her tireless efforts to bring this information to the masses! Here are 20 of the most intense images that have recently popped up on @mrs_angemi


This is Absolutely Horrific! No Joking. This is Bad!

Photo via instagram

mrs_angemi This is what drunk driving looks like. Driver alive. 4 innocent people under 30 dead. Driver is facing 4 counts of homicide. Video: @grueda_md

Another Brutal Video. Be Warned!

Photo via instagram

mrs_angemi I was sent this video. I do not know any details. Normally I do not post something unless I have background to share with you, however, well... watch the video. Video cred: @Likewasabi_