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Why We Are Such Big Fans of Contortionist Star Mia Malkova

She's cute, she's sexy, she can bend her body like no other... what more could you want?

It's like she's made out of sexy rubber...

I think we can all agree that the spider walk scene in The Exorcist was THE SCARIEST and downright most horrifying scene in movie history. It will haunt my memory forever. But when a beautiful girl starts bending her body in ways that would break our backs, we absolutely can’t get enough. Mia Malkova is one of the most famous stars in her industry because of her contortionist abilities. She’s won several adult film awards and is a favorite among many. We compiled a list of our favorite semi-suited-for-work photos and a few fun facts about this lady for your viewing pleasure.

Mia malkova in yoga pants

Source: Twitter @MiaMolkova

Source: Twitter @MiaMolkova

As adult film stars, she and her husband both set boundaries

She only does anal with her husband and they both are entitled to a “no” list: A list of actors they don’t want their partner to be with on film. How very enlightened. We only wonder if they ever stretch those bounds.

Her favorite show has to be:

“Game of Thrones!” So clearly she has good taste. Which GoT star do you think she identifies with the most? Daenerys, Arya or maybe Cersei.

What about things outside of her... er... career?

She says, "I love reading romance novels, hiking, beach trips, spa days, museums, movie’s… I am a big movie buff, I love most types of movies." She's just our dream girl! Now we just need to get some tats up on this chick.