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Yoga Girls Are Not What They Seem in Epic Prank Video

What would you do if you saw a sexy someone bent over in tight yoga pants? You'd probably stop a second to get a good look, then they stand up, and...

Well that was unexpected

When you see a fine-looking lady out on the street, there's no law that says you can't take in an eye-full of her. And it's a huge bonus when she wants to talk to you. Even bigger bonus if she's got her super hot friend along with her. But what would you do if you found out that one of those pretty ladies wasn't really a lady after all? That's what these pranksters wanted to find out, and they took to the streets to do a little experimentation along with our favorite tattooed lady, Leah Jung, for bait.

Source: YouTube @MoeAndET

Watch the Yoga Pants Prank!

I know some people out there will be super disappointed to find out that those luscious ladies they were eyeing were actually dudes, but, hey, this is the age of free love of all kinds. And who doesn't love to look at a nice rear end regardless of gender?

And another thing, it's not okay to assault a man because you made a mistake.

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