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Getting Down with Getter

The Vine Star Turned EDM Sensation

Close your eyes and reminisce on the time where Vine was in its prime. Those were the good ol’ days, am I right? None of this noise, but a time where people could create content gold in a tight six-second-loop. Alas, those days are long over and our favorite Vine stars have made their moves into other branches of social media celebrity—from the Paul brothers stirring up controversy on an international level to Lele Pons breaking the sound barrier on YouTube. But what about the stars of the iconic “Suh Dude” Vine? Well, as it turns out, one of its creators is also a legend in the world of EDM. Tanner Petulla, a.k.a. Getter, is a highly sought after DJ and has collaborated with the likes of Skrillex, Datsik, and Borgore. And with his debut full-length album dropping in mid-2018, we decided to meet up with him to learn what fans can expect from Visceral.