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Inked Exclusive: Mark Wosgereau

Denmark's Finest Takes INKED


Denmark is known for a handful of cultural exports—including vikings, the Nymphomaniac film series, Hans Christian Anderson, Carslberg beer, and Victoria’s Secret angel Josephine Skriver. However, when it comes to the tattoo industry, the country’s biggest artistic icon is Mark Wosgerau. The black-and-grey tattooer has gained international success for his incredible surrealistic tattoos and enchanting realism faces. His bold and bulletproof black-and-grey has quite literally taken over Instagram and there is no stopping this Scandinavian superstar from achieving world domination. However, we wanted to find out what really goes on behind those impressive back pieces and epic foam wipedowns. How could a tattooer with virtually no apprenticeship experience rise to the very top of Denmark’s growing tattoo industry? Which tattoo convention does he continue to return to year after year? Why he abandoned color for a strict black-and-grey body of work? What separates Mark Wosegerau from the other amazing tattoo artists out there? We’ve got the answers to all of these questions and more. Keep on reading to learn a thing or two about one of the leading Scandinavian tattooers of our time.