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Riders: Eight Guys One Legendary Shop

A Look Inside Indian Larry Motorcycles NYC

Indian Larry’s Motorcycles, located in Brooklyn NY. Above all else is a shop dedicated to the legendary New York born and raised Indian Larry himself. Larry was interested in mechanics at a young age with soon developed into a lifelong career in Motorcycle mechanics. Larry’s design inspiration stemmed from 50’s and 60’s motorcycle clubs, Ed “Big Daddy Roth” and Von Dutch. Larry made his mark on the industry with his creative and fresh designs, in winning numerous custom shows, being featured in Motorcycle Mania, and originating the Hardcore motorcycle style. Indian Larry passed in August 2004, the loss hit the motorcycle industry hard. To continue to let his legacy live, his friends and partners Bobby and Elisa Seeger opened up a custom shop that Larry had always dreamed of. Now Larry’s legacy and a dream can live on in the hands of his partners and with the bikes, they put on the street.