Should Kylie Jenner Have Pierced Her Baby's Ears?


The Piercing Controversy Taking Over Social Media

New mom, social media star, and billionaire Kylie Jenner is always in the spotlight, a price to pay for the massive makeup empire and social media following she has gained. As a new mother fans along with the press are constantly watching and monitoring her every move, post, and location check in. The latest criticism comes from the moms decision to pierce her infants ears. I found the piercing to be normal. I had my ears pierced by mother at one despite my fathers slight protest, due to the fact that everyone would come up to mother boasting about what a beautiful baby BOY I was. This led some strangers to comment on the fact that "I was too young to have my ears pierced." Lets see what fans, and professionals think is a safe and reasonable age to pierce your Childs ears.

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